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How it works

To support script response using PHP, please see below sample PHP script that receives SMS from the SMSBounce mobile application once you enter your web page URL from the 'PLUS' screen. Modify it to either save data to your database, forward to an email address or just respond. For specific help with these features, kindly write to us via

if (isset($_POST['sender']))
$sender $_POST['sender'];
$message $_POST['message'];
"Thanks for your message";
  else {
"OOPS, what is this?";

To use your PC as an autoresponder, consider using ESSBIZ from Kiwavi Technologies. When handling incoming SMS, ESSBIZ can also act as a stub for your existing information systems by receiving SMS and communicating with your existing systems over HTTP and email.
You can download SMSBounce android application with autoresponder from these android application stores with more to come.

Amazon Appstore

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